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Drywall, aka plasterboard, consists of gypsum plaster which is pressed between two very thick paper sheets. Used for making the interior walls and ceilings, drywall has been a favorite of many designers as it is constructed faster than the traditional lath and plaster. The installation of the drywall entails connecting the drywall to the frames, using screws or glue, and then filling the joints with “mud” (joint compound) and sealing it off with a drywall tape. This type of installation will keep the imperfections formed from the nails and screws to its minimum.

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Drywall installation should always be done by a professional, as it requires a highly skilled person to do it correctly. What the DIY aficionados have noticed is that the final result will just look bad, and there is no fixing it, except for tearing the whole drywall and doing it again.

Once the drywall is installed, it is time to prepare it for the painting project. The preparation requires removing any dirt, dust, cobwebs etc. The kitchen and bathroom walls should be expected thoroughly, as they are the most prone to collecting dirt, grease, and oil.

The next step is applying the paint primer, thus concealing “mud” and tape. Primer will also prevent the new drywall from soaking up so much of the paint. The primer step is often overlooked by amateurs, which is an enormous mistake, as it can help cover stains, glossy finish and even mildew. After the primer has been set for four hours, a slight sanding is needed so that any imperfections are removed.


And now it is finally the time to paint the walls, either using the rollers or sprays. Spraying usually requires a thorough protection of the furniture, floor and ceiling, as the paint can splatter easily. The professional paint contractor will see to it that all of the items which should not be painted are covered.

The type of paint used on the drywall will depend mostly on the client’s requirements. For those who would rather have a matte look, they can choose flat paints. Though these paints are quite durable, they are also prone to staining and are almost impossible to clean.

For the people who would rather have a bit of shine to their walls, eggshell paints are a great way to go, as they leave the wall looking a bit shimmery. Due to this shine, the walls can then be cleaned much easier, compared to the matte painted walls.

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