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Architectural Finish & Paint

The term surface finishing implies different industrial processes which are used to change the item in question so that it would be restored to its original form and function. More often than not, it is also applied to improve the item’s appearance, its adhesion, resistance to corrosion and chemicals as well as to increase its wear and tear levels.

What we provide

Architectural Finish

When it comes to the architectural finishes, they are used on the outer more exposed surfaces, providing a natural look to them, while at the same time increasing their durability. The resin-based coatings show a superb resistance when it comes to humidity, the color change, and loss of the gloss. They are also environmentally-friendly as they do not require any chemicals for cleaning. The architectural finish mostly consists of two colors, a primer and color coat.

Matte Finish

This type of paint provides a durable, flat finish that is great for walls. Though it is durable, the non-reflective surface of the pain makes it more prone to staining and thus more difficult to clean.

Eggshell Finish

Just like a real egg shell, this finish has a slight sheen to it, which makes it that much easier to clean, when compared to the matte finish, while at the same time keeping decent color saturation. It is also a finish to be used on the walls.

Satin Finish

A perfect finish for doors, windows and trim, this velvety finish is an excellent choice for high traffic areas, such as kitchens and bathrooms, as it can be cleaned well and it can even endure light scrubbing.

Semi Gloss Finish

Mostly used for painting the cabinetry, doors and trim, this finish provides a subtle sheen that is not too shining. As the semi-gloss finish exposes all the cracks and dents, it is important to prepare the surface prior to applying it. The cleaning of a semi-gloss finish is done quite easily.

High Gloss Finish

Mimicking the enamel, these finishes give cabinetry, furniture and trim a dramatic look for a very contemporary feel. Due to its high gloss, every imperfection of the item being painted will be seen, even a speck of dust. Hence why, it is important to do a thorough preparation of the item being painted, including sanding.

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