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Cabinets Refinishing

A kitchen is said to be the heart of every house as all the hustle and bustle is set right here. Anything from cooking and eating to doing homework and even playing happens right in the center of it. It is no wonder that it suffers quite a bit of wear and tear over the years.


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As the most used room in the house, kitchen can quickly become dull and dingy, losing its luster and shine. And as such it can quickly become an eye-sore for all of the family members. From a place that occupies and gathers, kitchen can easily become a place where no one wishes to spend any time, a place to avoid. Not to mention the importance of it when it comes to selling a property. A dingy, out-of date kitchen has proven to be quite a deal breaker in many property selling agreements. Hence why it is of at most importance to keep your kitchen as pristine and up-to-date as possible. And the fastest way to do this is to concentrate on cabinets, refinishing them whole or just their doors.

Cabinets refinishing is a perfect solution for all of you who are happy with the layout of your kitchen, but are in need of some sprucing up. It offers a perfect solution to getting a newly remodeled kitchen in just a fraction of the time it really takes for a full remodeling, as it takes just a few days for the whole project to be finished, rather than a few weeks.
Many of the home owners opt to thrust themselves in the cabinets refinishing on their own, choosing it as their next DIY project. What they often don’t realize is that refinishing cabinets requires much more than simply slapping a coat of paint on them.

Firstly, all of the cabinets’ doors, handles, shelves and the other parts should be remove. Then, they should be sanded. Sanding is crucial to restoring the cabinets to their former glory as it means the difference between a professional look versus a messy, full of bubbles look. Sanding requires right tools, including what type of grit sandpaper to use for the first sanding and what to use afterwards. After sanding, the cabinets should be stained and the finish should be applied. Once again, the help of a professional is needed here as they will know which stain and finish are compatible and work together. They will also know how many times staining should be applied, which depends on the color the homeowner wants their kitchen cabinets to have.

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