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Counter Tops

Counter tops play a major role when it comes to the value of a house. Depending on the type used, they can increase an esthetic appeal and market value of every property. Thanks to developments in technology, nowadays there are a myriad of different types of countertops available, and most of them at a reasonable price.

What we provide

Laminate- an affordable solution for budget-conscious homeowners

This budget-friendly counter top has been in usage for over fifty years. With time, it has gotten its upgrade, so that today there are myriads of colors and patterns, most of them mimicking the natural stones or wood grain. At the price of $25-65 per linear foot, laminate counter tops are the cheapest solution found today. The only downside of it is that once scratched, they cannot be repaired.

Solid Surface Counter tops

A slightly more expensive than laminate ($85-150 per linear foot), a solid surface counter top is an excellent choice for homeowners who want to install a built-in sink, since it is made of a material that can be easily molded. It can also be repaired, by sanding it down in order to remove the scratches.

However, one of the main drawbacks of the solid surface counter tops is that they look man-made which something that the lovers of natural look often try to avoid.


Quartz Counter tops- stain free

Made mostly form natural quartz and just a bit of resin, quartz counter tops costs about 10 to 15% higher than solid surface ones. They are great for kitchen areas, as they do not stain. They also do not need to be sealed as some other counter tops.

Granite Counter tops for a rich look

As the most popular, granite counter tops have been a favorite of all the home owners who prefer natural look of the stone and have a looser budget. Exuding the feel of richness, they can drastically increase the value of the property, which is why many people opt for it in the first place. Another advantage of the granite lies in its natural ability to withstand high temperatures, which is why it is mostly installed in kitchens. The main disadvantage of granite is that it has to be sealed from time to time to keep it protected, and that it can stain quite easily.

Stainless steel for a professional look

Stainless steel might not be everybody’s cup of tea, but it is a counter top that can be easily cleaned, which is why it is often used in a professional chef’s kitchen. It can also withstand high temperatures. With the cost at about $150 per linear foot, it is in the category of a more expensive counter tops.

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