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Wood Refinishing & Staining

Wood refinishing entails repairing of the wooden items by reapplying the paint, lacquer or varnish. Most damages are caused due to the usage as well as weather conditions, depending on the item that is being repaired.

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Hardwood floors

Aside from the structural strength, hardwood floors bring each house a touch of elegance and class. They significantly increase the value of each property. Thus said, every homeowner should know that having a hardwood floor in the house means maintaining it, as hardwood floors found in high traffic areas often start to show the signs of wear and tear within a few years of their installation. The damage usually includes shallow scratches, dents and even gouges. Hence why, from time to time, homeowners decide to do a refinishing project, hiring a professional who will strap the hardwood of its finish, sand the area down and then reapply the finish or stain. This will bring the hardwood floor to its original, pristine condition.


Staircases are both a functional and esthetically appealing part of each hallway. The same as hardwood floors, staircases can also increase the value of the property, provided that they are in good condition. The most common staircase repairs include squeaky or broken treads, loose balusters of the banisters as well as a loose rail or post. These are all easily repairable, provide that a highly-skilled team of professional individuals are hired.

Moldings and Wood Panels

Moldings are used to cover any irregularity of the walls, including the corners of the walls and ceilings or floors, whereas wood panels are mostly used to enhance the beauty and value of the house. They both need to be in pristine condition to actually add to the value of the house, hence why proper maintenance should be applied from time to time. As it is crucial that installation and maintenance is done in a seamless way, perfectly connecting the edges of the panels or moldings, it is highly advised to leave the refinishing of these to the professional.

Doors and Windows

Doors and windows need refinishing most often compared to some other wooden items. The reason lies in their constant exposure to the bad weather, scalding sun and rain, which cause the varnish to dry, crack and peel. Quality stain should be applied every two years to prevent the weather damage from occurring. Refinishing requires a gently peeling, i.e. scraping of the window/door, a slight sanding, staining and then reapplying of the clear varnish.

Entertainment Centers

As a piece of furniture that occupies quite a lot of space in the living room, the entertainment center is vital in an esthetical appeal of the whole room. An out-dated finish or a worn-out look of an entertainment center can have a negative effective on the overall feel of the room. Hence why, many people opt to repaint or refinish it.

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