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Tiles have been a favorite of many home owners as they are easy to clean, water resistant and can endure a lot of wear and tear. Depending on a particular taste of the home owner and his/her budget, the tiles installed can be made of ceramics, (softer tiles that are easy to cut and hence less durable than some of the other types), glazed porcelain (exceptionable durable tiles made of pressed porcelain clays), glass (mostly used decoratively, they are a great option for people looking to have customizable tiles installed) and natural stone( the most expensive tiles found in many different colors, patterns and textures including slate, marble and granite).

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Though quite durable, tiles can be damaged, especially when a hard object is dropped directly onto them. The cracked and chipped tiles often turn into a real eyesore which can’t really lower the value of a property but it can annoy the property owner. When it comes to a tile installation, one wrongly placed tile can ruin the whole pattern and the grout line, resulting in a botched tile job that often ruins the esthetics of the whole room. Hence why, tile repairs and installation should be left to a professional, rather than turning it into a DIY project.

A professional working on a tile installation will make sure that all the measurements are correctly taken so that the tiles can be spaced evenly. In order for the installation to run smoothly, tile installers would often create blueprints. Blueprints are also used when the homeowner wishes to have a particular design or mosaic. After the desired design has been set, the tile installers will use different mechanical and electrical tools in order to cut the tiles.

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Aside from the tile installation, the tile contractor’s job often entails preparing the surface for tiling, e.g. cleaning the surface, repairing holes if there are any and leveling the surface with mortar if it is uneven. After the tiles have been installed, the contractor has to apply the grout between the tiles, and in case the tiles are unglazed, a pre-seal should be applied prior to grouting. The excess grout is then removed using a damp cloth or a sponge.
As a professional remodeling company with almost two decades of experience in helping people restore their homes to their former glory, Hollywood Refinishing can help you get that tile work done in time and on a budget. Our staff consists of highly experienced, certified individuals, who pride themselves in providing the quality of work found in no other contractor. Thanks to our professionalism, expertise and desire to exceed each client’s expectations, we have gained quite a number of satisfied customers throughout Southern California and further. All our projects are conducted in compliance with the law of California. In case you have any questions regarding your tile work, or are just interested in an estimate of the cost, please contact us at (818) 988-4240

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