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General Home Remodeling

Though most people associate home remodeling with money expenditure, this couldn’t be far from the truth. Namely, though home remodeling requires an initial investment, it can actually save money in the long run, not to mention preventing severe headaches for the homeowners. General home remodeling adds to the esthetic appeal of the house which in turns increases the value of the house on the market.

What we provide

Remodeling home for a bit of Comfort

People often opt to remodel their houses in order to upgrade the comfort levels. They mostly concentrate on remodeling bathrooms, adding luxurious items, such as hot tub spas, or kitchen, including the state-of-the-art appliances. Other repairs include upgrading the air-conditioning, heating and ventilation systems as well as soundproofing bedrooms.

Regular maintenance of a Home

Every homeowner knows that the key to having a fully functional home requires constant maintenance, including replacement of the roof and electrical and plumbing systems. This type of maintenance should be done on regular bases, before the little problems escalate into something more serious.


Addition extra space

Once a person changes his lifestyle, his home also has to be changed in order to reflect that. More often than not, the home owners will be in need of an extra space, which can be added to the side of the room. Alternatively, basements can be turned into home offices and attics into additional bedrooms.

Going eco-friendly

Many times people will opt to remodel their home in order to reduce their utility bills, which in turn means installing of new windows, thermal insulation, new lightning, pellet stoves, wind turbines and other.

Remodeling home for esthetic reasons

Living in an esthetically pleasing home is a wish of almost every homeowner. The esthetical appeal of the house can have a great influence on its real value on the market. Hence why, many home owners decide to spruce things up before making a sale. The most common types of remodeling entails replacement of cabinetry, completely or partially (replacing only the doors of the cabinets while leaving the boxes), sanding down the hardwood floors and refinishing them, replacement of the counter tops both in the kitchen and bathroom and doing the furniture restoration.

We are one of the top three refinishing companies that specializes in providing both residential and commercial remodeling services. With almost two decades of experience, various remodeling projects and just as many satisfied clients, we pride ourselves in providing our clients everything they need for a successful completion of the project, from the much sought advice to the smooth execution of the project. All our team members are highly qualified individuals who have undergone different training and are certified in providing home remodeling services. We also work within the guidelines of the law of California, manufacturing only the highest quality items which are made right here in the USA. Though we are located in Southern California, the area which we service includes most states across the country. For further details regarding our company and your home remodeling, please contact us at (818) 988-4240

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