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As one of the most important decision every house owner has to make when building or repairing their home, choosing the right flooring can greatly increase the esthetical appeal of the house as well as its value on the market. Depending on the budget the homeowner has as well as the purpose of the room that needs flooring, the choice of what to install often befalls amongst the hardwood, laminate, tile, and stone.

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A more affordable floor, laminate is an excellent choice for both home and business owners who are on a tight remodeling budget. Thanks to the advancements in technology, there are a myriad of different styles, colors and types, mimicking the authentic look of the wood or ceramic tiles, which will satisfy even the most peculiar taste. Laminate is also a great “green” product, as it is made of far less wood and can last for a couple of decades.

Hardwood floors

Hardwood floors are an elegant choice that can be installed in most rooms. They increase both the esthetic and material values of the house. The color and the character of hardwood floors chosen reflect a particular taste that a particular homeowner has. The lighter floors are an excellent choice for someone looking for a more contemporary feel to their house, whereas the darker ones are a perfect fit for more traditionally-designed homes.  

When it comes to construction of hardwood floors, there are two basic types, engineered (the core of which is plywood which is covered with several layers of wood) and solid (made from one piece of wood). The engineered floors are a great option for places with a higher level of humidity, as they can endure it better than solid floors can.

Ceramic Tiles and Stone

Ceramic tiles and stone have been a favorite of many homeowners, not just because of their esthetic appeal, but also because of their durability. As a great choice for rooms that experience a lot of wear and moisture, tile and stone floors have been used in bathrooms and kitchen for years and years now. However, over the last few years, ceramic and stone tiles have been finding its way into the other rooms as well, including bedrooms for that Roman-inspired look. As they come in different patterns, shapes and sizes, they give each homeowner enough space to express their individuality and their particular taste.

Hiring professionals to install your floors

When it comes to a floor installation, regardless of the type of floor you end up choosing, you will need to hire a professional flooring company. We here at Hollywood Refinishing pride ourselves on the high-end floors that are manufactured right here in the USA, a quick and hustle-free installation and all done within a client’s budget. Thanks to our certified staff members, our professionalism and the desire to fulfill each client’s needs, we have grown into a top flooring company in Southern California over the last two decades. For further details regarding the types of floors, their installation and cost, please contact us at (818) 988-424

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