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When it comes to buying quality furniture, nothing compares to the beautifully-crafted dining room sets, solid wood coffee tables and high quality black walnut cabinets. They are truly a work of art. They are also an investment which can easily last a lifetime, provided a proper care is applied. However, as with everything, furniture that is used day in and day out often starts looking a bit dodgy, losing its shine, showing occasional scratches and watermarks. Aside from the esthetical appeal, some pieces of furniture can completely stop functioning, such as a jammed drawer or a cabinet door that just won’t stay closed.

What we provide

Shallow scratches can easily be repaired by furniture owners themselves. All they have to do is apply the inside of a walnut on the damaged part. The oil from the walnut will darken the damaged area, making the scratches much less noticeable.

However, when it comes to a serious damage, such as a deep gouge, a professional should be hired. Deep gouges usually require using a wood filler, i.e. putty, to fill in the damaged area. After the damaged area has been filled, the professional will sand it and then polish it with the wax, which will restore the furniture into a perfect condition.


Antique furniture restoration

When it comes to antique furniture, it is always advisable to leave everything to the professional, even the shallow scratches, as any repair done to a collectible antique piece of furniture can actually decrease its value, especially if it entails stripping of the finish and sanding the piece down. For all those who are in possession of what looks to be an antique piece of furniture, but are not sure whether it has any value, other than a sentimental one, it is recommended to look for a couple of telltale signs of age. First would be to search for some markings or tags left by the manufacturer. If there aren’t any, the next step would be to look for the inconsistent widths between the threads once the screws have been partially unscrewed. If the piece of furniture in question is a chest of drawers, or a desk with drawers, one look at the drawer’s joints will tell a lot. A sure sign of age is dovetail joints found on the drawers.

Why Hollywood Refinishing is the best company for restoration of your furniture

Hollywood refinishing is a restoration company that specializes in furniture and antique furniture restoration. During the last two decades, we have been helping people restore their furniture to its former glory. The key to our long lasting career lies in the superb craftsmanship, precision and desire to provide each client with a fully-functional, esthetically pleasing piece of furniture. The workers we employ are highly professional individuals who have gone a full training and are equipped with all the necessary skills needed for conducting restoration projects perfectly. Though we are located in Southern California, we have specialized in providing services across most states within the country. For further details regarding our company and services, please contact us at (818) 988-4240

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